Sunday, October 21, 2012

Of Being a Geek and K/Jdrama Addict..

Let me start with saying, "Everything boils down to respect."

This issue is not really a biggie,
except that they might misinterpret it as something I made a big deal out of because of this blog post but I just want to make a stand point. I don't force you to join me in whatever craziness I have with Korean/ Japanese actors/ anime so I would really appreciate it if you could just refrain from telling me to leave this craziness to teenagers. Fangirling knows no age. :p

...and I'm sorry if I retorted with something equally rude. Well, actually I'm not. Respect, baby. It's a give and take.

With all these said, I leave you with the root of the commotion. Min Ho! :D


pawdough said...

You have my full support, Hime. Fangirling is serious business. (~_^)